Five beauty products from CHANEL that you MUST have!!

Hi !! I love chanel beauty products and i think they are perfect for any tipe of skin. I started by using the chanel face powder and i really loved the way my skin was , soft and nice. There are so many other products that i love from Chanel, but today i’ve decided to show you just few of them that i use in this moment and i absolutely love it ! I hope you guys like it and if you have some other products that you love from chanel that i didn’t mentioned, just let me know in the coments!!

Enjoy xoxo..




  1. Illuminating base !

    This is the first thing to do before applying your face powder! It illuminates your face.What you should do is applying some keys of Chanel’s white on the reliefs of your face. This products you can find them in any Chanel beauty store or on their website. This product cost 43 €

  2. Highlighter face pen

    This is my favorite part because this pen is magic! I love how it illuminates your under eye and cheeks. You start by applying under your eye and your cheeks. This product costs 35 €.

  3. Fondation

    This foundation is life like for real !  You can apply with your fingers. Choose a lighter tone for more shine if you want. This product cost 50€

  4. Powder

    And the final touch for more natural look you apply this powder. For a light result, you can apply with a half-moon brush. Make large movements on the entire face, from inside to outside. This product cost 49€.



    My favorite for the moment ! The color is named Boy , cost 34€


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