Outfit of the day 🦄✨

Hiii everyone! Hope everyone is having an amazing day !!

So today I just took a picture of my outfit that I was going to use just to hangout with my friend and I was thinking why not show you guys every piece and tell you where you can purchase them !

So first of all the sweatshirt is from American eagle 🦅and I love it because it’s perfect for these cold days! She’s so warm I love it ! I have the same one in color pink !

The jeans are from Blancknyjeans and yes I love all jeans especially the black ones ! This ones are easy to wear and you can wear them with some more glam pieces they can make every outfit perfect!

The shoes !! Ok so these sneakers I got them like a gift and I think it’s the best gift I can ever wish ! Isn’t ? They are from Jimmy Choo and I love love them !! They are comfy and nice looking also !

he choker is from Zara and when I first saw this choker I was like .. »Nah » but then I realized that I don’t have any chokers in this color! So I decided to get this one !

The sunglasses are from Celine also a wonderful gift I got 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I love them so much they have such a nice shape and color ! Amazing for summer and winter ❄️

Hope you guys liked this post ! Tell me in the comments down below if you want more post like this one !

Bye and have a nice weekend 💗Nady

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